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GoNexus Group and Blue Diamond Resorts’ new Guest App boosts incomes and customer satisfaction

GoNexus Group and Blue Diamond Resorts’ new Guest App boosts incomes and customer satisfaction

GoNexus Group, a leading experiences and mobility travel group, and Blue Diamond Resorts, the Caribbean’s fastest growing resort chain, celebrate the successful result of the PH App (Planet Hollywood App) powered by NexusLab for Planet Hollywood Hotel in Cancun, contributing to the digitalization of the guest experience, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. Now four out of ten NPI (non-package income)[1] sales are booked through the PH App, and as a result of this success, Blue Diamond Resorts will expand the app’s presence across the rest of its properties.

The PH App, launched for Planet Hollywood Cancun on September 25, 2023, and concluded on April 20, 2024, yielded significant outcomes including the digitalization of restaurant reservations, resulting in the elimination of queues and wait times of up to 35 minutes. The app has also increased the visibility of NPI. Moreover, surveys conducted through the app facilitated early complaint resolution, leading to a reduction in post-travel complaints and an increase in the Net Promoter Score[2].

Planet Hollywood Hotel in Cancun, boasting 1018 rooms, witnessed a remarkable adoption of the PH App by its guests. By April 30, 2024, over 70,000 unique users, representing an adoption rate of over 84%, were using the app to make one in three reservations.

Designed mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, the PH App aims to provide guests with comprehensive information and options within the hotel, simplifying booking processes and saving time. The app uses Stay App technology, which was recognized as the Best Hotel Guest App in 2023 by the Hotel Tech Awards. Language options include English and Spanish.

The app offers several benefits for hoteliers, including but not limited to online pre-check-in and room pre-selection to restaurant reservations, spa treatments booking, and exclusive beach dinners. It also allows for amenity requests, tour consultations, and resort exploration through interactive maps, among many others.


The President of GoNexus Group, Ruben Gutiérrez, expressed, “We are thrilled to partner with Blue Diamond Resorts in revolutionizing the hospitality industry with the Planet Hollywood App powered by NexusLab. Developed using Stay App technology and in collaboration with NexusLab, the innovation hub of GoNexus Group, this app represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled guest experiences, driving significant value for both guests and resorts alike. This milestone marks the beginning of a transformative journey in redefining the all-inclusive experience across Blue Diamond Resorts’ diverse portfolio as a result of our NexusLab”.

Additionally, Jurgen Stutz, Senior Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Distribution for Blue Diamond Resorts, remarked, “Catering to our guests’ desires for seamless convenience and immersive experiences has always been ingrained in Blue Diamond Resorts’ DNA. This ambitious project at Planet Hollywood Cancun is only the beginning for us to transform the all-inclusive experience into a personalized journey. As we extend this innovative technology across our diverse portfolio, we’re not just embracing the future; we’re redefining the standard for hospitality excellence, one tap at a time.”

About GoNexus Group:
GoNexus Group is a leading conglomerate in experiences and mobility travel with over 25 years of experience.

GoNexus Group includes three leading brands:

Nexus Tours, a leading Destination Management Company (DMC);
Nexus Cube, an innovative experiences and mobility marketplace;
Nexus Lab, a dedicated hub for innovation, driving cutting-edge advancements in travel experiences through product development, consultancy services, and technological solutions.

Operating in 140 countries and spanning 6,600 destinations, the company offers an extensive array of services, including 30,000 mobility options, 92,000 diverse experiences, and 100,000 car rental services.
Managing the travel needs of over 3 million travellers annually, GoNexus Group collaborates with more than 1,000 B2B travel partners worldwide, reinforcing its status as a global leader in the travel and tourism sector.
GoNexus Group is prepared to take the lead in redefining the future of travel through innovation and service excellence, guided by a commitment to creating extraordinary travel experiences on a global scale.

[1] Income a guest generates from add-on amenities, services and products such as spa services, dining upgrades, golf, or access to private beaches that are not included in the accommodation package.
2 The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer loyalty by asking how likely customers are to recommend a product or service on a scale of 0 to 10.