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Gift to share, take on an Alila Holiday for a worthy cause

Gift to share, take on an Alila Holiday for a worthy cause

Our properties regularly support or initiate projects that aim to improve quality of life and reduce poverty, particularly in rural areas, bringing real and lasting benefits to the community. And what better time to share a gift than in the season of giving! Come indulge in these meaningful Alila getaways…

Alila Villas Soori . Bali
In West Bali, Alila Villas Soori is dedicating its end of year Gift to Share to two primary schools in Kelating Village. Guests who book the Gift to Share package for a minimum three nights’ stay will enjoy a 10% discount on the Best Available Rate, while USD 200 per booking per stay will be donated to the schools to help equip them with educational supplies, computers and books for the children.

Alila Manggis . Bali
Over in East Bali, Alila Manggis has introduced ‘Green Bank’, a programme it is developing to educate villagers in the neighbourhood on how to engage in more responsible activities that support environmental sustainability. Alila Manggis is in the process of developing a green playground featuring environmental messages to provide ongoing education to the villagers and kids. For every night booked, USD 15 will be credited towards fulfilling the development of the playground.

Kemang Icon . Jakarta
In Jakarta, Kemang Icon supports Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM), a non-profit foundation that has been rescuing street children in Jakarta since 1972. From each booking, USD 20 will contribute directly to supporting KDM’s programmes, which can help provide the children a proper meal for five days, a week of school education, a set of learning materials for six months, or 10 visits to the local healthcare centre. Guests also receive a handmade doll named ‘Pepe’ designed by Tulisan, a sustainable project that aims to build the children’s confidence and independence through art and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM), please visit

Alila Sothea . Siem Reap
In Siem Reap, Cambodia, Alila Sothea has partnered with ‘The Lake Clinic’, one of the first social causes dedicated to improving the lives of the less abled in Cambodia. For the past three years The Lake Clinic has brought health care and health education to seven villages in Siem Reap. For every package booked, USD 50 will be contributed to the clinic’s operating costs. A monthly donation of USD 20 enables the clinic to provide three families with medical care for a whole year. For more information about the cause, please visit


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