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Germanwings breaks new ticketing ground with Amadeus deal

Germanwings breaks new ticketing ground with Amadeus deal

Germanwings and Amadeus have announce that all of the airline’s published fares and ancillary services will be available to Amadeus subscribers on September 23rd.

The Lufthansa subsidiary previously sold a limited range of its fares via Amadeus’ travel agency partners, using full e-ticketing.

On September 23rd, an industry-first implementation will turn Germanwings into the first airline in the world to offer both full and light ticketing options to travel sellers.

Light ticketing is Amadeus’ unique system enhancement that enables agents to book low-cost and hybrid carriers with the same booking process used for full-service carriers, even when established through an interface using XML technology.

Christian Hein, senior vice president e-commerce, sales and distribution, Germanwings said: “Everything is progressing well for our ground breaking implementation of Amadeus’ light ticketing functionality.

“Starting in September, our travel agency partners will be able to better tailor the experience for travellers with access to the most demanded ancillary services.

“We are confident the ability to book our full range of flights, in exactly the same way as a full-service carrier, will improve efficiencies for travel agents.”

As of September 2014, travel agents will benefit from being able to offer travellers more relevant, tailored travel options, including access to Germanwings’ budget, standard and comfort fares; point-to-point and interline flights; and a wider range of optional extras. 

Over 70 low-cost and hybrid airlines, including Germanwings, distribute their inventory via the Amadeus system.

Amadeus’ travel agency network covers more than 200 markets worldwide.