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Gekko’s new service removes headache of affiliate links for publishers of travel content

Gekko’s new service removes headache of affiliate links for publishers of travel content

A new service launches in beta today that will change how publishers commercialise their travel content. Gekko (, the personal shopping assistant for hotels, is launching GEKKOLinks, which automatically converts mentions of a hotel on a page into an affiliate link.

GEKKOLinks will make it much easier for publishers, from bloggers to large media sites, to monetise any travel content. Once a hotel mention has been converted automatically into an affiliate link, a small box will appear with relevant information including availability and prices from multiple booking engines.  Readers will be able to book directly from the box without leaving the publisher’s site. The publisher will receive a share of the revenue from any resulting booking.

GEKKOLinks removes the need for publishers to create and manage their own affiliate links.  Gekko’s patent pending technology identifies specific and unspecific references to hotels by understanding the context of the articles.  The links provided are matched with Gekko’s extensive database of hotels so publishers are given access to relevant content that will help their readers to decide and purchase.

Michel Cassius, CEO of Gekko, commented: “GEKKOLinks provides publishers with a quick and easy way to get additional revenues from their existing content without disrupting the customer experience. GEKKOLinks automatically creates contextual, relevant and transactional affiliate links.  Contextual in that our technology understands the context of the articles; relevant as we are giving publishers access to our extensive database of hotels; and transactional as we are making available the booking and price comparison engines from our consumer site,”