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Gateway to sell UK Pavilion tickets at Expo Milano 2015

Gateway to sell UK Pavilion tickets at Expo Milano 2015

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK has been selected to install a timed ticketing solution for the UK Pavilion on-site at Milan Expo 2015, running from May 1st–October 31st 2015.

Gateway has been called in due to forecasted high attendance figures, estimated following the success of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai in 2010.

With the potential for complete ticket sell-out, Gateway is offering a timed ticketing solution aimed at keeping visitor flow constant and controlled.

The installation will also encourage maximum visitation of the UK Pavilion by allowing guests to choose for themselves the best time to visit.

The system will improve the visitor experience by reducing queue times and allowing advanced ticket reservations.


Tickets will be available via a webstore, self-service kiosks and point of sale units to provide a quick and easy transaction for the customer.

The Universal Exposition runs for six months every year in alternating host cities.

This year Milan will be turned into a global showcase focussing on finding innovative solutions for feeding the world in a sustainable fashion.

With over 145 participating countries, 20 million visitors and 1.1 million metres2 of exhibition space, this year is set to be the most popular yet.

The theme of Expo Milano 2015 will be ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, giving visitors the chance to taste the world’s best dishes whilst also discovering the best of the agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each exhibiting country.

The UK is creating a Pavilion designed by artist Wolfgang Buttress and architectural practice BDP. It is constructed and manufactured by Stage One.

All based in the UK, they represent internationally renowned and award winning British talent.

Inspired by recent scientific research and technology, the UK Pavilion is a great example of how creativity, business and science can be combined to solve a global challenge.

The UK Pavilion will showcase the role of the bee in the ecosystem and highlight the need to protect our pollinators.

“The sheer size of this event means that effective ticketing is the difference between success and shambles, not to mention health and safety considerations with large numbers.

“We were excited to demonstrate where an overlay of our systems and expertise could improve Expo Milano immeasurably for 2015,” said Andy Povey, business development director at Gateway Ticketing Systems UK.

Gateway Ticketing Systems UK is the leading provider of ticketing, revenue management, and admission control solutions for visitor attractions in the UK and Ireland.

Established in 2012, it has secured ten clients in its first 30 months of operation.