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Gap Daemon links with STA Travel for gap year product

Gap Daemon links with STA Travel for gap year product

Global youth travel provider STA Travel has announced a strategic partnership with new community and advice site for travellers, Gap Daemon.

In a move that is designed to help both businesses take advantage of the rapidly growing ‘gap travel’, STA Travel have set up a dedicated Gap Daemon Travel Team to provide a tailor-made flight and accommodation booking service for Gap Daemon members.

Gap Daemon will in turn provide access to their rapidly growing database of travellers who are using Gap Daemon’s social travel network before, during and after their gap travel.

James Capon, chief executive of Gap Daemon explained the importance of the agreement.

“STA Travel is synonymous with value, service and knowledge in the minds of young travellers.

“Here at Gap Daemon we are increasingly seeing young gap travellers using social networks to inform their travel plans, as well as share their travel experiences on the move.

“This use of constant connectivity offers STA Travel a great marketing platform for their services,” he added.

The two businesses are committed to working closely together and will be delivering exclusive value deals to their customers.

For example the new partnership is launching with a consumer offer for Gap Daemon members that includes discounted flights and accommodation as well as access to a host of travel advice and information through the Gap Daemon site and the dedicated

Ian Swain, STA Travel product director, said: “Here at STA Travel we recognise the importance of a gap year as both a lifetime and life-changing experience for young travellers.

“The new partnership with Gap Daemon complements what we already offer to the youth travel market, and brings their additional specialist knowledge to our customers.”