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‘Future Energy’ at greenEXPO13

‘Future Energy’ at greenEXPO13

In 2017, new directions for development and solutions for energy problems will be discussed in Kazakhstan. The EXPO will provide broad exposure for the best energy-conservation technologies from around the world and new developments in how existing alternative energy sources are used.

Astana has already begun preparing for the international trade exhibition. Active work is underway in the country toward a transition to a green economy. The government is actively developing alternative energy and other green initiatives.

Participating in greenEXPO13 offered the opportunity to study leading experience and for knowledge sharing.

The topic of EXPO-2017, ‘Future Energy’, was announced at greenEXPO by the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria and Kazakhstan’s permanent representative at international organizations in Vienna Kairat Abdrakhmanov. He noted that for Kazakhstan, participation at greenEXPO13 provided a great opportunity for the creation of partnerships in the alternative energy sector. Moreover, greenEXPO13 is a most important stage for open and fruitful dialogue on future energy development.

Later, Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel laureate, co-founder of the Community of Peace People, also gave a positive review of the topic for EXPO-2017, saying “Kazakhstan chose the right path of development, the topic for the international exhibition on ‘Future Energy’ is critical as ever. The issue of sustainable energy use worries the entire global community. In 2017, Astana can become a launchpad for demonstrating the best global development and trends in this sector.”