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Funniest airline complaints revealed by comparison site

Funniest airline complaints revealed by comparison site

A flight comparison site has revealed the funniest complaints it received regarding airlines throughout the past 12 months; including bizarre complaints surrounding ‘poor mobile phone signal’ throughout the flight, and air stewardesses who didn’t look enough like ‘page 3 models’.

A leading flight comparison website in the UK has revealed some of the most bizarre customer complaints made by UK fliers to the site throughout 2011, surrounding the airlines they flew with. As a flight comparison and booking site, the site regularly receives feedback from customers regarding their flight experiences, with a few, inevitably, not best pleased about their flight for one reason or another.

As such, decided to release some of the more bizarre complaints made to the site throughout the past 12 months; revealing some of the stranger things that UK fliers made time to complain about in 2011.

One such complaint that caught the team’s attention was made by a young male in June. Having taken off, the young man was dismayed to find that he didn’t have sufficient signal on his mobile phone to call his friends at home, apparently resulting in an extremely ‘boring’ flight. The young male then became angry when a stewardess asked him to turn his phone off, as he ‘wasn’t warned’ that he wouldn’t be able to pass the time making phone calls.

Another humorous complaint came from a woman who was travelling with friends for a short-break in Dublin, who got in touch with after her flight to complain that the budget airline she was travelling on had a ‘severe lack of wine choice’ on-board. Apparently, she would have liked to have toasted the trip with her friends with a certain brand of Cava, which the airline failed to provide.


One male travelling with a young family in May 2011 rang to complain as the ‘clouds obstructed the view’ during his flight, leaving him and his children dissatisfied by what they had seen when they disembarked.
Another bizarre complaint came from a young man who was furious to find out that the plane he was travelling on ‘didn’t sell McDonalds or Burger King food on board.’ Apparently the man had purposefully not eaten any fast-food in the airport before departure as he had been lead by friends to believe he could get a burger and chips mid-flight; leaving him ‘starving’ when he arrived at his destination.

Next in the list of funniest complaints was an older man travelling on a flight to South Africa, who didn’t think the air stewardesses on board were ‘good looking enough’. Apparently an advert had lead him to believe the plane would be staffed by ‘girls who look like page 3 models’, which he was disappointed to find was not the case on-board.

Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co-Founder of, commented on the complaints:
“We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, but inevitably, as flights can be found through our site, we get complaints directed our way regarding fliers’ experiences on-board. Whilst most of them are general customer-service complaints, we do get the odd few crop up that are truly bizarre; the funniest of which we’ve included above.”

He continued:
“Although airlines do their best to keep fliers happy and comfortable, I’m afraid there’s little they can do about clouds obstructing views, or ensuring they’re stocked up with McDonald’s meals and Cava. As for the man who wanted page 3 model stewardesses, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and adverts aren’t designed to be taken as gospel, whatever image they portray!”