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Five-Star Luxury Golden PalaceHotel in Turin is secured by Antoitalia Group

Five-Star Luxury Golden PalaceHotel in Turin is secured by Antoitalia Group

The MAPI SpA company secured the famous five-star luxury Golden Palace hotel in Via Arcivescovado, Turin, on February 21, 2012. Heading the MAPI company are Piergiorgio Mangialardi, a senior partner of Antoitalia, and Aldo Pigni.

The property is not to undergo any architectural alterations, except for an extension to the conference hall to make the facilities more hospitable and efficient. Instead, significant organizational and marketing innovations are planned to make the hotel an important resource for the city of Turin. Such ambitious plans not only aim to give back the much-deserved international prestige to the hotel, but also intend to makeit a true point of reference for the whole city.

“Our re-launch plans for the Golden Palace hotel,” says Piergiorgio Mangialardi, “will confirm the luxury hospitality features for the business and leisure segments, underscoring the Italian taste for the ‘good life’. A mix of elegance, taste, beauty, and well-being are the cornerstones of the worldwide success of Italian style.” The operation is an important success for Antoitalia in the hospitality field, endorsing the group’s corporate strategy and that of all its business units. “Our goal has always been to provide excellent service, handling excellent assets,”says Fabio Tonello, chairman of Antoitalia, “and we are convinced this is a winning strategy.”

The Golden Palace ( conceived as the five-star luxury hotel for the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, the year it was inaugurated after a 60-million Euro refurbishment scheme. The “Toro Palazzo”, a former office block belonging to the Toro insurance company was completely renovated and altered. With its prestigious architecture, the city-centre palazzo that dates from the post-war period was transformed into the jewel in the crown of Turin’s luxury hospitality sector. The building has a superb location, beneath the towering Mole Antonelliana and next to the Archbishop’s palace. It is an ideal setting for conferences and for the most demanding international guests. Numerous celebrities from the world of music, culture, politics and sport have stayed at the hotel since 2006. The hotel has a total of 195 rooms, 12 suites and a 90-sq m(969-sq ft) presidential apartment.