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Fita steps up to represent UK travel agents

Fita steps up to represent UK travel agents

A new independent travel agents’ group has been established to represent independent travel agents in the UK.

The Federation of Independent Travel Agents (Fita) will replace the Triton Travel Group super-consortium; which had previously represented the interests of two largest independent travel agency chains in the UK - The Global Travel Group and Worldchoice UK.

Fita was as concerns were raised over Abta’s stance on proposed changes to the EU Package Travel Directive.

Industry Splits

However, Fita is will not operate as a fully fledged alternative to Abta.


The heads of the two consortia – Worldchoice chairman Colin Heal and Global Travel Group managing director Dave Clayton - are both expected to be involved in the new venture.

Mr Heal will sit as the organisation’s vice-chairman, while Institute of Travel & Tourism chief Steven Freudmann has been named chairman.

“Triton will evolve to become part of this organisation and lead it. Fita will represent the views of Triton,” explained Mr Freudmann.

Travel Republic, On the Beach and Holiday Discount Centre, have also all confirmed their support for the new venture.

Yes Minister

In its first move Fita has endorsed Travel Weekly’s Yes Minister campaign, demanding a dedicated travel and tourism minister.

The Yes Minister 10 Downing Street petition has now attracted nearly 600 signatures. Freudmann said: “I think the Yes Minister campaign is a marvellous idea.