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First Rate Exchange reveals UK international Travel Trends

First Rate Exchange reveals UK international Travel Trends

Savvy travellers in the East Midlands are most likely to seek out the better value offered by destinations in Eastern Europe this summer, with 22 per cent of travellers in the region stating they intend to travel to countries such as Croatia and Hungary.  Interestingly, only eight per cent of their West Midlands’ neighbours said this would be their chosen holiday destination.

People in London proved to be the most adventurous, 47 per cent of Londoners like to visit destinations outside Western Europe, this compared to just 30 per cent of people the South West who said they’d travel to less traditional resorts.


As well as being the most adventurous with their holiday destinations Londoners are also the most likely to take a risk when buying their holiday cash -  40 per cent said they would purchase currency at the airport or overseas – a move which could prove costly due to high commission fees and poor exchange rates at airport bureaux.



Canny Scots are the most likely to ensure they make their travel cash go further, only 13 per cent said they buy travel cash at the airport or when they arrive at their holiday destination.  They are also the most likely to opt for the extra security of travellers cheques – 14 per cent stated they take this form of currency abroad.


Gordon Gourlay, Managing Director First Rate Exchange Services said: “The research highlighted how foreign currency retailers can adapt to meet their customers’ needs on a local basis.  This may be by providing a range of Eastern European currencies on demand for customers in the East Midlands, or perhaps a Thai baht or Malaysian ringgit service to meet the requirements of more adventurous travellers in the London area.”


“It’s worrying that so many travellers are continuing to lose out through buying their travel money at the airport or when they arrive overseas.  Foreign currency retailers can help UK travellers’ holiday cash go further by offering them easier access to 0 per cent commission currency services, either by adding a travel money online service to their website or increasing their range of over the counter currency services.”


When it comes to travel across the ages the research revealed the following:


  * Eastern Europe is most popular with the 18-24s - almost one in five (18 per cent) of travellers in this age group holiday in Eastern Europe.


  * Asia is most popular with the 25s-34s - 13 per cent of this age group visit resorts across the continent


  * Africa is favoured by the 45-59’s with 15 per cent stating its their chosen holiday destination.


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