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Finnair brings flag-ship Airbus A350XWB to London-Helsinki flights

Finnair brings flag-ship Airbus A350XWB to London-Helsinki flights

Finnair has announced that it will operate the flagship Airbus A350XWB aircraft on a fifth service between London Heathrow and Helsinki, replacing the current Airbus A320 aircraft on the route.

From October 5th, passengers travelling on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday on flights AY832 between London and Helsinki and AY831 between Helsinki and London will be able to enjoy long haul levels of comfort on the short flight of two hours and 55 minutes.

Finnair is currently the only airline operating the Airbus A350XWB to London Heathrow offering unsurpassed levels of comfort and award winning Nordic hospitality.

Andrew Fish, Finnair sales director UK & Ireland, said: “Finnair is proud to currently be the only airline operating the ultra-modern Airbus A350XWB to London Heathrow.

“The change, from a smaller short haul configured Airbus A320 aircraft, allows the airline to meet the increased demand for capacity and cargo on this busy route.


“The A350XWB flight from London Heathrow is perfectly timed to offer a short connection via Helsinki Airport onto Finnair’s long haul A350XWB services to Asia offering customers a seamless product experience.”

The A350’s bright and spacious cabin features large panoramic view windows and comfortable seating arrangements in both cabin classes.

All Finnair A350s are equipped with Wi-Fi for greater passenger enjoyment and connectivity.

The eco-smart design of the A350 delivers at least a 25 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and operating costs over the previous generation of aircraft in its class, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of Finnair and its passengers.

Destinations served by the Airbus A350XWB include London Heathrow, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul and from October 2016, Singapore.