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FastBooking engine lux takes hotel online booking to the next level

FastBooking engine lux takes hotel online booking to the next level

FastBooking, one of the world’s leading online solutions providers for the hospitality industry, announces general availability of the recently released FastBooking Engine Lux. This new front end enhances customers’ online booking experience and offers new options to better fit the hotelier’s needs, in particular those of the luxury hotel market.

The same proven technology with a contemporary design

FastBooking Engine Lux is built on the same robust, high performance online booking technology as the company’s time-tested FastBooking Engine Classic. 

*  30 languages and 62 currencies for users to select from when making their reservations.
*  Four step booking process.
*  Multiple rooms bookings for separate dates at the same time.
*  Industry record conversion rate.
*  Lightening speed display of rates and availabilities.
*  Advanced reporting tools to keep track of your Key Performance Indicators.

Particularly attractive for luxury properties


The contemporary, clean design gives FastBooking Engine Lux a modern look and feel. The interface offers greater branding flexibility, a feature particularly attractive for luxury hotels for which the visual aspects of the booking funnel must be in strict alignment with the hotel’s image. Information is attractive, easier to understand and easier to navigate. Clear room and rate descriptions mean faster decision making for website visitors and increased conversion for hoteliers. 

The improved user experience leads to higher revenues
*  FastBooking Engine Lux includes a number of sophisticated tools to help users make their buying decision and hoteliers increase online bookings.

Flexible Offer Displays
*  Exclusive to FastBooking Engine Lux.
*  Users choose how much or what kind of information is relevant to them (without changing the existing booking flow to maintain high conversion rates).

Users can toggle between ‘Display by’ based on price or room type depending on the criteria that are most meaningful to them.
*  Hoteliers can choose to set ‘Display by’ with their traditional reference ‘price’.
*  Rich content descriptions

Interactive displays improve understanding and decision-making.
*  Clear room rate descriptions mean faster decision making.
*  The new mapping function offers more detailed information about the hotel.

Intuitive path for multiple room reservations
*  Fast and intuitive multiple room reservation sequence.
*  Encourages booking and results in increased ATP and increased revenue.