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EXPO 2017: World without borders

EXPO 2017: World without borders

On the 6th of September at the Republican cycle track ” Saryarka ” there was held a meeting of participants of international bicycling tour “The Sun Trip” with representatives of the disabled people Public Association Center ” Independent Life ” DOS “. Bicycling tour “The Sun Trip”: on the way to Astana EXPO -2017” started on 15th of June 2013 from the city of Savoie (France). The way to the finish point - the capital of Kazakhstan was chosen by each 31 participants by himself. The route ran through the city of Venice, Sofia, Bucharest, Odessa, Istanbul, Sochi, Baku, Atyrau and Aktobe.

Participants of Sun Trip travelled more than seven thousand kilometers all over on bikes with solar batteries before they get to Astana.

Despite the disability from birth, the Frenchman Cedric Vinater ventured on such a long and difficult journey to the solar bicycle, specifically designed for one-handed operation.  Cedric chose the most difficult route through the steppe. Having overcome all difficulties, he reached the finish line on August 21.

By his own and the example of his colleagues he stated that despite physical limitations, you can lead an active lifestyle, play sports and travel the world.

“My disability has not become an obstacle for me while participating in the bicycling tour. Surrounding people have never stood me out from other participants as paid attention to my bike instead and not to my disability. People admire the idea of ​​the bicycling tour and it gives them strength”- said Cedric Vinater.


During the meeting the participants shared their impressions of the bicycling tour, shared their experiences with representatives of NGO “DOS”. Together, they discussed issues related to active lifestyle and equal opportunities in the field of sports. 

From Kazakhstani side the meeting was attended by one of the participants of the Paralympic Games Abuul Kurbanali and participant of recently held in Moscow International Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition Aidarkhanova Saule.