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EXPO 2017: Global Entrepreneurship Week

EXPO 2017: Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week, GEW will be held in Kazakhstan in November 18–24, 2013. The subject of the Kazakhstan Week this year will be Business Consulting. 

125 countries will have Global Entrepreneurship Week this year. It will incorporate 40 000 events and 10 million people producing ideas, knowledge, and contacts sharing in order to promote innovations. 

Young Entrepreneurs Club, Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Business Consulting Services Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Consortium of the Kazakhstan Consulting and Research Organisations took the lead to welcome Kazakhstan entrepreneurs, investors, business consultants, public agencies representatives at various conversational sites within the GEW 2013 in order to find the response for their points of interest, and to provide best business ideas and projects to be true as well. 

Different events such as the 3rd Forum of Youth Entrepreneurship, the 3rd National Conference of Kazakhstan Consultants and Researchers, Invest-Baiga, Consulting Fair, awarding ceremony of the Best Entrepreneur of the Years, Business Site opening, Business for Business show, experts master classes on various business and consulting areas will be held within the Kazakhstan Week.

There will be held Green Economy and EXPO 2017: SME Role session as a part of Forum of Youth Entrepreneurship where such points as the role of small and medium business in green technologies development, as well as the today’s preparation of the entrepreneurs in order to make the best use of EXPO 17 for business development will be discussed together with the experts.