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Expo 2017: City Day

Expo 2017: City Day

On July 5, 2013, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the capital city of Kazakhstan, an art facility in support for the International specialised exhibition EXPO 2017 was opened in the shopping center “Keruen” in Astana city.

The installation, which represented a composition in the form of an inscription of EXPO 2017, was decorated by the residents and visitors of our capital city with used CDs.

Everyone who brought the used disk from home exchanged it for a souvenir from Expo 2017.

The object, created in the style of a green art, measuring 2.5 x 1.5 m had a huge success by the audience - children, youth and adults. Visitors of the shopping center had an opportunity to express their creativity. Young talents performed on an improvised stage in support to the EXPO exhibition.

Anelia Kabdulina, 11 years old, “Today is a real holiday here. I specifically brought some old CDs and received gifts from the EXPO. In support of the action, I sang my favorite song”.  Thanks a lot to the organisers.


“I used to throw away these discs before, and now I know that they are destroying the nature. Most importantly is that, we have done a good and useful thing for our city, “- said one of the participants, Tazhibayev Zhantore, 10 years old.

Apart from the residents of the city, representatives of youth non-governmental organisations, as well as the production center «Astana Music Studio» and the Dancing School and DJing «My Way» came to support the action.

- Today’s action in support of the EXPO showed that citizens are not indifferent to their environment.

Those, who live in big cities, know everything about the environmental situation. The theme of recycling and waste utilisation is also highly relevant for Astana.
Such Green installations appeared in the capital city for the first time. I think it will become a good tradition - the Head of the city staff “Zhasyl yel” Diaz Oserbaev mentioned.

A presentation will be held at 10.00 pm, the culminating of which is the ceremonial lighting of the composition.