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Experience healing power at Four Seasons spa Seychelles

Experience healing power at Four Seasons spa Seychelles

The history of the Seychelles is one of conquest and mystery, with the amazing natural resources being the root of the allure of its 115 islands over the centuries. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has always been keen to take inspiration from its surroundings, with treatments such as the Shell Serenity massage using heated shells in a similar style to a hot stone massage, and the Coco De Mer treatment, inspired by the palm of the same name that is endemic to the Seychelles.

The Resort have now partnered with Seychelles-own brand Yi-King to bring local natural, biodegradable and organic products to guests in the Spa. The brand is the brainchild of Coralie Mouge, a French expat who moved to Seychelles with her family in 2009.

General Manager Alex Porteous sings the praises of the range: “The Yi-King collection compliments our Sodashi and ila ranges, creating the perfect collection of natural and organic products to work with our treatments in the Spa, and bringing more choice to our retail offering. Coralie’s motto is ‘every medicine can be found in nature,’ and our guests certainly find that when using the Yi-King range, combined with the technique and guidance of our Spa therapists. It’s wonderful that we have been able to bring this range - devised, produced, and inspired by the Seychelles - to our guests in the Spa, and across the Resort.”

The brand is based around the ancient concept of Yi-King, which was born more than 4000 years ago in China. It teaches us how the organs are linked to the elements, to plants, and to the food we eat. Likewise, certain activities can be recommended, with the same objective in mind: to re-establish or preserve the balance that can make individuals healthy and happy. The natural remedies, plant remedies and foods that lead to balance can be found by observing which Master Element we are linked to, which is, in turn, determined by our date of birth.

Yi-King Aroma Remedies are essential oil blends designed to rebalance hormone production by draining and stimulating organs. The oils are used by Spa therapists in massage, to enhance the healing effects of the treatment. The oils are also available in the Spa retail area, alongside neutral bases (shampoo, shower gel or body oil) so the benefits can continue post-treatment to combine healing and balance with daily care.


Porteous continues, “The concept is so simple, and so easy to combine into your daily routine, and the benefits are fantastic. The Yi King theory, combined with the natural, organic products sourced locally in Seychelles, is the perfect addition to our Spa offering. We have even started to introduce small touches elsewhere in the Resort, with pillow mists, scented oils in our refreshing cold towels in our restaurants, and all our amenities in the Spa are now Yi-King. It’s great to support a local business, and Coralie’s sourcing of products locally supports our agriculture and means the transport and packaging to import goods into the Seychelles is reduced, which supports our commitment towards sustainability.”

With a range of products on offer in the Spa, the Yi-King line offers a solution to every beauty and well-being desire. A personalized aroma roller means one can take a special Yi-King blend wherever they go, and shampoo, body wash and coconut oil for hair and body can all be blended with a chosen essential oil blend to bring the Yi-King philosophy to everyday life. For vacation needs, the line carries SPFs from 15 up to 50, refreshing citrus spray, and even a gold tan sublimation oil. All products are handmade in Seychelles with the finest ingredients, making them the perfect souvenir, evoking memories of a stay through the rich scents of the islands.