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Expansion continues at riverboat operator American Cruise Lines
American Song from American Cruise Lines took to the water in 2018

Expansion continues at riverboat operator American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines continues to accelerate its new build program across its diverse fleet - adding new ships to its new modern riverboat series as well as its fleet of new coastal ships and Victorian-style paddle-wheelers.

American’s aggressive building program has expanded exponentially in the past two years; introducing a new ship in 2017 and two new ships in 2018.

The Line has no plans to slow down, as American’s latest new ship will go into service this summer, and the line has two more new builds coming in both 2020 and 2021.

In August, American Harmony, the second of five ships in American’s modern riverboat series, will begin service on the Mississippi, bringing American’s fleet of US-built ships to 11.


By 2021, American’s fleet will have increased to 15 ships.

American Song, the first modern riverboat in the US, began cruising in October last year and is already sailing out west on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

The third modern riverboat, to be named shortly, will be completed in 2020, and is already well under construction at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, where all American’s ships are designed and built.

While every ship in the Modern Riverboat Series shares the underlying modern design premise, each new ship is unique and will be slightly different than the one that came before it.