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Eurowings sees breakthrough in Vida union negotiations

Eurowings sees breakthrough in Vida union negotiations

The Eurowings Group, together with the Austrian transport and service union Vida, has achieved a breakthrough for the Vienna-based airline Eurowings Europe.

Following constructive negotiations, both collective bargaining partners have succeeded in establishing a key issues paper for the conclusion of a collective agreement.

“We have found a balanced compromise for all involved which will offer our cockpit and cabin staff in Austria the best pay and employment conditions in the low-cost segment,” said Jörg Beissel, executive director, finance, of the Eurowings Group.

“Among other things, we agreed on substantial salary increases for crews – a perfect time to apply to us.”

Negotiator Benedikt Schneider, head of human resources and legal affairs at Eurowings, stressed that at the same time the agreement with Vida would ensure the competitiveness of the Vienna-based flight operations in a highly competitive aviation market. 


The increase in table values, including agreed table development steps, will achieve pay scale peace until December 2021.

Both parties have agreed not to publicise any further details initially and rather to flesh out the key issues in a next step.

Last year, the Eurowings Group successfully concluded long-term collective agreements for the cockpit and cabin staff with all its unions for its Eurowings Germany flight operations.

This established important conditions for driving forward the strong growth of the Eurowings Group as a whole.