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Eurowings launches accessible new website

Eurowings launches accessible new website

With a clear structure and enhanced usability for customers with impaired sensory perception and motor skills, Eurowings has gone live with its new accessible website.

Unrestricted use by people with disabilities played a central role in the redesign of the website, which has been made significantly easier to navigate in the process.

Users who require a screen reader or other assistance devices to browse the internet will now find it easier to navigate the website, find information quickly, and book flights.

By adapting its website, the airline now meets the specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, which is based on the principle that a website must be easy to perceive, navigate and understand, as well as being reliable.

The key improvement to the new website is its clear and simple page structure.


This ensures that users can easily identify information, headings, links, sections of text or forms, and can find their way around more comfortably.

The user knows exactly where they are on the website at all times, thanks to focus frames that appear at the push of a button.

Explanatory anchor text and image descriptions have also been added.

Another new feature is the colour contrasting of images, icons, button and forms.

These have been adapted so that even users with visual impairments can easily recognise them.

By designing the website in accordance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines, now also meets the requirements of the US department of transportation and can expand its direct sales on the American market.

In doing so, the airline is underlining its continuous growth and is now positioned in the USA as an established market.