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Eurostar launches first Dutch advertising campaign

Eurostar launches first Dutch advertising campaign

Eurostar is launching its first ever television advertising campaign in the Netherlands.

The advertising, which consists of three ten-second edits, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the inconvenience of air travel, thus highlighting the benefits of connecting high-speed rail services between London and the Netherlands.

Produced by FHV/BBDO, the TV campaign is supported by an online banners and Pre-Roll YouTube ads which use a special 20 second edit of one of the films.

Eurostar’s investment in advertising on the Dutch market is designed to capitalise on the rise in sales in the Netherlands following the launch of the ‘Any Dutch Station’ product in April last year.

Travellers are encouraged to consider connecting high-speed rail services with Eurostar for a more relaxing city centre to city centre journey.

Lionel Benbassat, head of marketing and brand for Eurostar, said: “By investing in the Dutch market, we want to encourage more consumers to travel further by high-speed rail. 

“The new advertising brings to life the advantages of a rail journey between London and the Netherlands, and as a result, we hope to see an increase in the number of consumers choosing the train.

“We face a similar challenge in the US, where our role is to educate those travelling to Europe that there is a more relaxing and comfortable way of travelling between European destinations.”

This is the latest marketing investment from Eurostar further afield, including the USA.

Eurostar have just appointed Kansas City-based Barkley to exploit the growing interest in Eurostar travel from across the Atlantic.

One of the largest independent agencies in the US, Barkley was selected due to its strong work in the tourism and travel industries, with clients focused on both destination and transit.