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Eurostar adds third daily service to Amsterdam

Eurostar adds third daily service to Amsterdam

Eurostar is today putting tickets on sale for its third daily service direct from London to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The third service, which starts on June 11th, comes in direct response to customer demand following the popularity of Eurostar’s new route to the Netherlands which launched in April last year.

The increased frequency provides travellers with more travel options, making it easier for passengers to choose the environmental benefits of high-speed rail over flying.

A Eurostar journey from London to Amsterdam results in 80 per cent less carbon per passenger than a flight, and the third service will bring Eurostar’s capacity on the route to the equivalent of 12 flights per day.


Mike Cooper, chief executive, Eurostar, said: “Our new route to the Netherlands has been met with strong demand from our customers, who increasingly value the ease, comfort and seamless experience of high-speed rail.

“A third train each day will boost capacity whilst offering more choice and flexibility to travellers connecting between these European cities.”

Highly competitive fares will continue with journey times from three hours and 13 minutes to Rotterdam and 3 hours and 52 minutes to Amsterdam.