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Etihad feeds Abu Dhabi citizens in lockdown

Etihad feeds Abu Dhabi citizens in lockdown

Etihad Airport Services Catering has been commissioned by various Abu Dhabi government entities, business organisations and community centres to prepare and provide meals to individuals impacted by the global spread of Covid-19.

The facility has been selected to support these initiatives due to its stringent food handling procedures.

One of the only food facilities to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation in the UAE by Emirates National Accreditation System, Etihad’s catering ensures meals are prepared to the highest culinary hygiene standards through the laboratory testing of food, water, hands and surfaces.

Andrew Caines, general manager, Etihad Airport Services Catering, said: “The capabilities of our in-house food laboratory means we have direct oversight on the effectiveness of Covid-19 safety measures.

“We increased microbiological swabbing of surfaces and hands in order to validate disinfection and hand washing efforts, which are direct indicators of virus viability.”


Since the start of the pandemic, Etihad Airport Services Catering has cooked and delivered over 15,000 meals a day to people self-isolating or under quarantine, frontline medical staff, humanitarian drives and for various businesses across the capital. 

The company is also delivering amenities and providing a laundry service for Etihad employees living in temporary isolation at Masdar City so as to operate essential freighter and repatriation flights.

These include loadmasters, cargo agents, pilots and cabin crew. 

In addition, Etihad crew living in company provided accommodation and requiring a meal delivery service are also being catered for free of charge. 

As part of its Covid-19 response, Etihad Airport Services Catering has also introduced a holistic safety training campaign, implemented a round-the-clock dedicated disinfection team for all high touch points, restricted access of all non-essentials persons to the premises, and installed thermal imaging stations at all entrances to ensure employees, visitors and suppliers are screened prior to entry.