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Ethiopian Airlines Recognizes Top Performing Travel Agencies for Their Contribution to Tourism

Ethiopian Airlines Recognizes Top Performing Travel Agencies for Their Contribution to Tourism

Ethiopian Airlines Group, the fastest-growing global airline brand and the continent’s largest airline brand, has recognized travel agencies in an event held at Skylight Hotel on August 6, 2023.
Ethiopian has rewarded the top three travel agencies in eight different categories based on their performance from January to December 2022. Ethiopian awarded the travel agencies in eight categories, as Ethiopian Overall Top Performer, Ethiopian Top Market Share Performer, Newly Emerging Travel Agencies, Industry Pioneers, Ethiopian top Tour package seller, Ethiopian best booking quality Performer, Ethiopian Top Corporate seller, and Ethiopian best online check-in Contributor.

Recognizing the pivotal role of travel agencies in easing travel experiences to customers, Ethiopian Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mesfin Tasew said, “Ethiopian Airlines attaches great importance to travel agencies and the significant role they play in the development of travel, tourism and socio-economic activities by easing travel arrangements. I would like to take this occasion to express my gratitude and appreciation to the travel agency community for the remarkable contribution they make in the growth of travel and tourism in Ethiopia. Ever since launching its operations, Ethiopian has been working closely with travel agencies. As a veteran commercial airline with successful services of more than seven decades, Ethiopian has built deep-rooted, historical business partnerships that it will continue to nurture.”

In an era of technology where customers demand for the most convenient services, the harmonization between the airline and the travel agencies in offering seamless customer services will have multiple benefits to the parties on one hand and to the proliferation of the country’s travel and tourism industry on the other.

Ethiopian is cognizant of the great contribution of travel agencies to the airline’s performance and customer handling experiences. There are indeed a number of fertile grounds for the travel agencies to widen their horizon and exploit so that they will be competitive in the international arena.

Among others, working with Africa’s biggest airline, proximity to Africa’s major hub- Bole International Airport with an annual total passenger carrying capacity of close to 20 millions, availability of skilled workforce that can meet industry standards with training from Ethiopian Aviation University, among others are some of the enticing opportunities available for the travel agencies to take advantage of.


Travel is key to understand life more. With its vast global destinations, Ethiopian Airlines is always committed to ensure that people enjoy their travel experiences and eye for more. The national flag bearer is also dedicated to work in harmony with all industry stakeholders including with travel agents and their association. To this end, it is of the travel agencies to strive and ensure that customers’ trips go as smoothly as possible in partnership with flight operators.