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England riots force VisitBritain to pull ad campaign

England riots force VisitBritain to pull ad campaign

The message from VisitBritain following a wave of popular unrest across the county remains ‘You’re Invited’, but perhaps just not right now.

The UK’s tourism authority has pulled a video promoting Britain with the tag line from adverts running alongside BBC iPlayer programmes overseas following violence on the streets of London and other major cities earlier this week.

A spokesman for Visit Britain explained: “We have taken the videos down, they are not appropriate at this time.”

He said the video - which feature dame Judi Dench and Jamie Oliver saying “You’re Invited”, has been removed from the BBC iPlayer service, which hosts adverts overseas.

“We have not changed our advertising and marketing strategy, but we have removed those videos for the time being,” added the spokesman.

However, VisitBritain is keen to maintain an upbeat message, adding the agency had not yet been made aware of reports of tourists leaving Britain early or cancelling trips to visit the country.

“At the moment these are isolated incidents occurring away from tourist attractions,” he said.

“Tourists have not been affected.”