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Egypt’s tourism industry continues to thrive

Egypt’s tourism industry continues to thrive

The latest revelation from Egypt’s minister for tourism shows there is certainly plenty of optimism when it comes to the number of visitors expected to make the country their chosen holiday destination over the coming year.

Hisham Zaazou has explained that while 8.8 million people have already visited Egypt within the first nine months of 2012, it has been estimated that this will rise to 12 million by the end of the year, with the last three months of 2012 a strong period for visitors coming in for the famous Nile Cruises.

The reasons for these positive projections have been put down to high occupancy rates for Egypt’s many hotels, with estimated visitor numbers for 2013 on track to return to the previously highs of the past few years.

Mr Zaazou is hoping that around 15 million visitors will be welcomed into the country next year, an increase of 20 per cent.
Traditional beach resorts like Sharm-El Sheikh are always going to be popular, while a Nile cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, allowing holidaymakers to enjoy the plethora of sights Egypt has to offer.

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With sunny and warm conditions the norm at this time of year Egypt attracts an influx of visitors who are after some much-needed sun during the day and an opportunity to cool off in the evening so they can enjoy a pleasant experience.