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Egyptian cabinet announces unprecedented visa changes

Egyptian cabinet announces unprecedented visa changes

The Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri, Ministers of Tourism, International Corporation, Foreign Affairs and Interior have just announced for the first time ever, changes to obtaining tourist visas on arrival to all Egyptian Ports for a variety of tourist nationalities.

It is hoped that the changes will actively encourage tourism to Egypt and benefit the following nationalities of tourists travelling in groups; Moroccan Nationals, Algeria, Tunisia and the Chinese. All on the provision that travel agents assure departure prior to the expiry date of the visa obtained.

Tourists arriving as individuals or FIT’s (Foreign Independent Tourists), or in groups including; Jordanian Nationals, Lebanese, Turks, Indians and other nationals from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan may also obtain visas upon arrival, again, provided their tour companies are held accountable for their departure date prior toexpiry.

The Egyptian Ministry has also announced they are to waive visa fees for Russian Tourists for a duration of three months starting from the beginning of June until 1 September 2012.

The Minister of Tourism, Dr. Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour stated: “This unprecedented decision has come about to actively encourage tourism to Egypt. This is the very first time we have done this and hope it will attract and benefit different nationalities to our country and will help to disseminate the message that Egypt is always a welcoming country to all tourists.”


These privileges are granted for the first time ever to these country nationals whereby they have already been granted to Gulf Country Nationals, the EU, United States and Canada who have been enjoying these privileges for many years.