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Egypt Tourism Authority undergoes striking advancements with .travel

Egypt Tourism Authority undergoes striking advancements with .travel

Located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe, Egypt has always been a pioneer for emerging communications and technologies. As one of the first to launch with .travel, the Egyptian Tourism Authority has since undergone striking advancements with .travel.

Since its introduction, has had 5.5 million visits and they expect exponential growth. In fact, ranks number one in Google search above all other Egyptian travel sites.

With the great success of Egypt’s first .travel website, the Egyptian Tourism Authority has developed another .travel website, . This secondary site was created for a more confidential audience, directed at the travel professional and media. Upon visiting the site, all viewers are asked to register. In kind with the parent website, this site gives detailed travel information, but also access to photographs, media kits, and press releases. Since going live, the site has had 40,000+ visits.

With the combination of the staggering growth in visits to and the quick successes of the new addition to their web family: , the Egyptian Tourism Authority, has set an example as to how to make .travel work effectively.

ETN is introducing its readers to .travel companies and destinations through a series of articles.