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easyjet introduces administration fee

easyjet introduces administration fee

easyJet is replacing its booking fee with an administration fee of £9 which will be included in all advertising, displayed as part of a full and final flight price at the first stage of the booking process and will be applied to all bookings regardless of payment method and how many flights are made.

Whilst passengers using a credit card will pay an additional fee to cover handling costs, easyJet will not charge passengers for handling debit card payments. The administration fee is charged on all bookings and contributes to the airline’s administrative costs.

easyJet charges per booking rather than per person because the overwhelming majority of its customers book multiple flights or flights with multiple passengers. Other airlines charge per person per flight which means that a family of four would be charged £48 rather than the £9 they would pay on easyJet.

These changes have been made in order to address the concerns raised by consumer bodies and regulators across the European Union whilst retaining a simple, transparent and consistent booking process for all passengers regardless of nationality.