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Dover ferry operator Norfokline beats the recession.. & the competiton

Dover ferry operator Norfokline beats the recession.. & the competiton

Leading English Channel ferry operator, Norfolkline, is riding high despite the recession, stealing market share from its rivals for the fifth consecutive year as the company continues to implement an impressive growth strategy on the English Channel.

The figures, compiled by IRN Research (based on official carryings), show Norfolkline steaming ahead.  The increase in bookings represents growth in the Dover car ferry market from 4% in 2004 to 28% year to date in 2009 and puts Norfolkline in a strong position for the last quarter of the year.


Last year, Norfolkline carried in excess of 600,000 cars between Dover and Dunkirk and this figure is set to be nearer 800,000 cars for 2009 with two and a half million passengers carried.



Chris Newey, General Manager Passenger Services, English Channel, comments: “The latest figures not only reflect the strength and success of Norfolkline’s business model but also the fact that the company has effectively bucked the economic trend by continuing to grow and out-perform the competition.  We put Norfolkline’s success down to three things: our brand new ships which offer passengers a consistent high quality experience unlike the mixture of old and new offered by the competition; dedicated decks for freight and tourist passengers ensuring that there is no need for lorry and car drivers to mix; and Dunkerque being a less congested terminal than Calais, allowing customers to board and disembark quickly and easily.  Many people become enthusiastic advocates of Norfolkline once they have experienced the service.”


“We would like to thank all of our passengers for choosing to travel with Norfolkline.  We are committed to offering an unrivalled cross-Channel ferry service, with great deals and completely dedicated areas for tourist passengers and freight traffic..”