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Delta presents record $3M donation to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Delta presents record $3M donation to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Delta people raised a record-breaking $3 million to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this year, and the airline will donate proceeds from in-flight sales on Mother’s Day to the nonprofit. 
Employees who raised the most for the cause this year, either through on-board or online donations, presented the donation to BCRF alongside Delta leaders Tuesday at BCRF’s Hot Pink Party in New York City. Delta has raised $24.75 million for BCRF since their partnership began in 2005, funding 87 research projects.

Robin Schmidt, an Atlanta-based flight attendant, raised $46,804 – the most that has ever been raised by a single employee. “When people ask me how I did it, I tell them that I just told my story,” Robin said. “I was raising money for my friend and fellow flight attendant who was fighting breast cancer for the second time. I told my passengers that every penny they donated was to give her another breath here on earth, and I truly felt like I helped to save my friend’s life last year.”
Kristen Manion Taylor, Delta’s S.V.P. of In-Flight Service who is a breast cancer survivor, joined fellow Delta people for the event as the executive sponsor of our BCRF partnership.

“From when we started in 2005 to now in 2023 being able to donate $3 million dollars to the cause is amazing, and I know Delta has made a tremendous impact,” said Kristen. “And it means all the more to me as a survivor myself. I’ve seen firsthand the difference the research makes in the lives of those fighting the battle today and I could not be more grateful for the efforts of all the Delta employees.”

This year is a monumental one for BCRF with Donna McKay joining as President and CEO after former president Myra Biblowit’s retirement in March.


“Since 2005, Delta Air Lines’ unwavering commitment to our mission has significantly accelerated the course of research — improving outcomes and saving lives,” said Donna. 

The Breast Cancer One charter will take flight once again this fall with 150 employee survivors, unsung heroes and crew members on the iconic Pink Plane from Atlanta to Salt Lake City.