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Delta is No.1 American Red Cross corporate blood drive sponsor for 5th year

Delta is No.1 American Red Cross corporate blood drive sponsor for 5th year

Delta people’s steadfast commitment to life-giving blood drives made the airline the No. 1 corporate blood sponsor of the American Red Cross for a fifth consecutive year, with employees, retirees and customers contributing a record 14,743 units of blood in fiscal year 2022.

Giving blood has remained essential, and the need remains high as the blood supply is often at its lowest during the summer months. One important change to the Delta blood drive program has been the addition of community blood drives and partnering with our sponsorship team for joint drives with Atlanta sports teams that Delta sponsors, like the Braves, the Hawks and United.

“The Red Cross is grateful to Delta and its people for their continued dedication and commitment to patients across the country in need of lifesaving blood transfusion,” said Chris Hrouda, president, American Red Cross Biomedical Services. “Unlike other medical treatments, blood cannot be stockpiled, and generous blood donors are the only source for those in need.”

“Delta people came together to overcome remarkable challenges over the past year, and Delta finished strong again this year in our mission to save lives. The fact that we finished at a record 14,743 units is another example of the Delta Difference alive and well,” said Tad Hutcheson, Managing Director – Community Engagement. “Thank you to all the Delta people who make a difference and roll up their sleeves to give blood to help save lives all year long, and a special thank you to our blood drive program leaders for their commitment to making every drive count.”

Delta Air Lines is nominated as North America’s Leading Airline 2022, North America’s Leading Airline Brand 2022 by World Travel Awards.