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Delta signs new Travelport distribution deal

Delta signs new Travelport distribution deal

Delta Air Lines and Travelport have signed a new global distribution agreement.

According to a release, the deal is designed to further enhance value-generation for the entire travel retailing ecosystem, including travel management companies, agencies, corporations and travellers.

The customer experience and value-based, multi-year content distribution agreement gives Travelport-connected travel buyers simplified access to Delta’s enriched content through the Travelport+ platform with enhanced retailing capability to better understand, compare and customise offers for travellers. 

“Our transformative new agreement with Travelport is another big step in elevating retailing in the indirect channel ecosystem for the benefit of all customers and stakeholders,” said Jeff Lobl, managing director of global distribution for Delta Air Lines.

“In addition to the value-based commercial model, we thank Travelport for their partnership and commitment to continually enhancing their agency workspace.

“This ensures customers have easier access to all products, whether they are a corporate traveller shopping within travel policy or a leisure traveller finding the right itinerary for their holiday.”


Travelport continues to evolve its worldwide retailing platform, Travelport+, with the next generation retailing tools and merchandising capabilities that provide long term value to the travel agency channel.

An intelligent, multi-product display gives Travelport-connected buyers the ability to easily access the wide array of available products from all global air partners, compare those to find the best options, and select the right choice for their customers.

“This new agreement emphasizes the shared commitment of both Travelport and Delta to improve the way airline products are retailed and make it easier for agents to help travellers choose offers that deliver the most value to them,” said Jason Clarke, chief commercial officer, travel partners at Travelport. 

“We look forward to continually evolving and delivering the tools that Delta and all of our travel partners need to effectively reach and engage the entire spectrum of buyers.”

Delta’s omni-channel, customer-centric approach invests across all channels to provide consumers with an elevated shopping experience within their preferred channel.

This emerging approach to retail transformation will create value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem by enhancing traveller experiences and expanding customer choice.

“Today’s announcement is another innovative milestone for Delta and the industry, as we continue to strengthen our partnerships for the benefit of our customers,” said Lobl.