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DDG World Opens New Luxury Spa Retreat on the Costa del Sol

DDG World Opens New Luxury Spa Retreat on the Costa del Sol

Europeans no longer have to leave the continent to enjoy the serenity of a 5-star retreat. Thanks to the DDG World Spa Retreat, recharging to face the New Year has never been easier or more convenient.

Located in Casares on Spain’s legendary Costa del Sol region, this highly private retreat enables guests to truly unplug and unwind without a care for doing anything other than what their hearts desire.

“The concept behind DDG World Retreat is unique to Europe. The mission of the retreat is to provide guests with an easy-to-reach destination where they can enjoy a true holistic break, recuperate and take in activities of their own choosing” said Daria Dubinin of DDG World. The retreat features private bungalows nestled in the mountains overlooking Malaga, Spain.

Designed to offer something for everyone, the retreat is ideal for nature and privacy lovers, yoga and pilates fans, those who want to shed a few pounds and cleanse the mind, body and spirit or simply for those who wish to getaway to a spa for a weekend for pampering in a stunning setting.

“We felt that there was nothing in the way of an exclusive retreat here on the Costa del Sol where people could come and detox, de-stress and generally escape to a secluded haven for peace and tranquilit,” explained Daria.


To make sure stress doesn’t go along with the booking or travel process, DDG World has paid close attention to the details to make it easy on guests. The location was selected not only for its natural beauty and seclusion, but also because it is easy to reach via budget airlines flying out of major European cities each and every day. The booking process includes a wide variety of packages, which means guests can pick and choose the activities that suit them. Also, there are no set arrival, departure or length-of-stay restrictions.

While the location, privacy and luxury of DDG World Retreat make it stand out, its services make it even more special. The retreat features a rare collection of services under the same roof, including bike riding, horseback riding, yoga and pilates sessions and spa treatments. It also boasts a number of amenities like an infinity pool, tennis courts, a steam room, gym and even strategically placed hammocks for soaking up the scenery while taking in a good book.

“We wanted to offer a different option to those looking to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life,” said Daria. “Instead of just another hotel or holiday resort, we wanted to create a totally new experience for those looking to get their lives back on track and cleanse the mind and body in a tranquil, serene and private environment.”

DDG World Retreat also offers gift vouchers so getaways can easily be given to loved ones. The mix-and-match menu listing of activities makes it simple to tailor a retreat to personal tastes, which makes this vacation destination ideal for giving and receiving.