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CTO and ATA sign partnership agreement

CTO and ATA sign partnership agreement

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the premier source of Caribbean tourism statistics, research and news, and the Africa Travel Association (ATA), the leading travel industry trade association promoting tourism to Africa, have signed a partnership agreement that will support both organizations’ endeavors to promote tourism to their respective regions.

In the Memorandum of Understanding, the two regions have also pledged to help each other increase business opportunities and develop sustainable tourism.

“The CTO and the ATA share many common tourism interests and challenges, including the British Air Passenger Duty and this partnership agreement paves the way for us to support each other’s ideals,” said Hugh Riley, the CTO’s secretary general.

Under the new partnership agreement, CTO and ATA will share reciprocal membership, offer discounted services and products, and consider a joint tourism research project. The two associations will also encourage their members to travel to and promote each other’s regions as travel destinations and to participate in each other’s major events, including conferences, trade shows, and congresses.

“CTO and ATA both understand the value in building a strong link between the African Diaspora and both the Caribbean and Africa and the role tourism promotion and investment can play in this process,” said Edward Bergman, ATA Executive Director. “ATA is excited to partner with CTO and to learn from the association’s vast experience in turning the Caribbean into one of the world’s most popular destinations under the banner of the “Caribbean.”