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Cruise Saudi and Al Madinah Region Development Authority sign MoU

Cruise Saudi and Al Madinah Region Development Authority sign MoU

100% Public Investment Fund-owned company, Cruise Saudi, and Al Madinah Region Development Authority have signed an MoU to foster economic development in historic Al Madinah Region, with a focus on social impact both locally and across Saudi, in line with Vision 2030.
Both Al Madinah Region Development Authority and Cruise Saudi share the vision to advance and aid access to Al Madinah, developing the region and expanding facilities to accommodate an increased number of tourists. As part of the agreement, both parties will utilize their capabilities and experiences to achieve their shared vision.

The MoU signing took place at this year’s Saudi Tourism Forum in Riyadh, the annual event which promotes Saudi as a tourist destination, and which provided the perfect backdrop for both parties to mark their intent to enhance the tourism offering in the region of Al Madinah.

Madinah is the second holiest city in Islam, with beautiful architecture in abundance, such as the vast Al-Masjid an-Nabawi mosque with its striking green dome dominating the skyline, sites of historic interest such as the The Ghars Well (also known as Bir Ghars) and Mount Uhud which was the site of the second battle between the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the polytheists of his tribe of Quraysh, and impressive natural landmarks of farms and valleys. The Al Madinah region has a multitude of historic wonders to explore, as well as modern sights including the coastal city of Yanbu. Cruise Saudi will facilitate cruise passengers’ visits to the region via the Red Sea.

Mashhoor Baeshen, Executive Director, Destinations Development & Management at Cruise Saudi said “Unique in history and culture, Al Madinah has so much to offer tourists seeking an authentic Saudi experience. Cruise Saudi’s signing of the MoU with Al Madinah Region Development Authority marks our commitment to showcasing the most significant historical sites of Saudi through a carefully curated array of onshore experiences.”

The agreement between Cruise Saudi and Al Madinah Region Development Authority is to enrich the visitors’ experience, creating jobs, improving facilities, and driving economic growth, but also to support the Kingdom’s wider objective of welcoming 150 million tourists per year by 2030.