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Computer glitch causes airport luggage chaos

Computer glitch causes airport luggage chaos

A computer failure affecting airport baggage systems has resulted in some passengers being forced to fly without their luggage.

A BA spokesman commented: “We are doing all we can to minimise disruption caused by an IT failure which is affecting the performance of baggage systems at numerous airports.

“We are very sorry if customers have not received their baggage and we will reunite them as quickly as possible.”

A spokesman for Heathrow explains: “The problem is causing some delays but is not currently causing any flight cancellations at Heathrow.”

Gatwick claims that the issue has now been resolved; a spokesperson said: “The IT issue has been resolved. Gatwick’s contingency plans worked well and there were no issues with lost baggage or delayed flights.”


Mr and Mrs Kaufman, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary, travelled from Heathrow to New York JFK on flight BA177 and were among passengers who were affected.

Mrs Kaufman explained: “Once we had boarded the plane at Heathrow we remained grounded for over two hours due to a burning smell.

“Due to the extreme heat and the air conditioning not working, we eventually disembarked from the plane back into terminal 5.

“We finally took off on another plane four hours later, only to be told upon arrival that our luggage had been left behind.”

She continued: “There were about 300 passengers on board and about 90% appear to have been affected.”

“It looks as if there is no other intelligence working if computers fail.” She added.