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City break holidays increasing in popularity

City break holidays increasing in popularity

Site statistics from a leading online independent travel agency have revealed that city breaks are increasing in popularity when compared to the more traditional beach break choice. The cities of Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Prague and New York are amongst the most popular choices for city escapes amongst Britons.

Whilst beach breaks abroad remain the firm favourite for UK holidaymakers, site statistics released by a leading online independent travel agency have revealed that city break bookings are increasing when compared to the same time last year.

According to online travel agency, city break bookings in general have increased by 37% when compared to 2011, suggesting a change in preference for some UK holidaymakers.

When looking into which city breaks were the most popular amongst UK holidaymakers, based on bookings on the site, the top 10 for 2012 so far were as follows:

1.    Rome
2.    Venice
3.    Dubrovnik
4.    Prague
5.    New York
6.    Lisbon
7.    Barcelona
8.    Amsterdam
9.    Dubai
10.  Hong Kong


A flash poll carried out by the site of 986 UK adults, following the discovery of the increase in city break bookings on site, found that 53% preferred the idea of a city break to a beach break. When asked why this was the case, the majority, 64%, felt that city breaks were ‘less boring’.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of, spoke about the site statistics:

“Beach breaks are certainly the more relaxing option, as city breaks can often involve a lot of walking and sightseeing which can be incredibly tiring. Often, returning home from a city break holiday makes you feel in need of another short break to recuperate!

“Often, if you think a beach break might be too quiet for you and you want something a bit more action-packed, go for the best of both worlds. Cities like Dubrovnik are also on the coast, so you can combine the relaxing nature of a beach break with the culture and history a city has to offer.”