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Chicago CityPASS: save half off fall travel to the Windy City

Chicago CityPASS: save half off fall travel to the Windy City

Chicago CityPASS are priced for adults and for kids (3-11). It includes pre-paid admission tickets to Shedd Aquarium (VIP express entry), The Field Museum (VIP express entry), Skydeck Chicago (Fast Pass entry), and two option tickets that give visitors a choice between the Adler Planetarium (VIP entry included) and the Art Institute of Chicago; and either the John Hancock Observatory (Fast Pass entry) or the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (VIP entry). And, in addition to saving visitors money, CityPASS lets travellers skip the main-entrance ticket line at most attractions.

Through May 28, 2012, the Shedd Aquarium transports visitors to the beautiful and mysterious world of sea jellies. Jellies, a special exhibit that is included with CityPASS, highlights the intriguing ways these pulsing, translucent animals survive — and thrive — in the world’s oceans. Learn how a jelly can devour enough food to double its weight each day, or how sea nettles hunt by trailing their long stinging tentacles to paralyse prey upon contact. And, amazingly, jellies do it all without blood, bones or brains.

From the sea to the skies: Chicago visitors can use the Skydeck Chicago Fast Pass included in their CityPASS ticket booklets to zip to the top of Willis Tower, where they enjoy 360-degree views and — if their nerves permit — venture out onto one of the tower’s glass-floored balconies known as The Ledge. Chicago CityPASS also includes a Fast Pass ticket to the John Hancock Observatory, where CityPASS travellers receive a complimentary multimedia SKY Tour and a free coffee (or child’s flavoured fluffy drink) from the on-site Lavazza Café.

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