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Carnival in Jakarta set to bring tourism visibility through popular events

Carnival in Jakarta set to bring tourism visibility through popular events

The coming carnival in Jakarta is another innovative move by a tourism destination to get visibility for its tourism industry through popular events. Indonesia, through its Bali Tourism Board and their Bali Hotel Association, are current members of the ICTP (International Council of Tourism Partners), and their carnival has been given an international appeal. Today, relevant information on the carnival in Jakarta can be had on .

The success in this approach, to use events to gain tourism visibility, was spearheaded by the Seychelles President when he personally held the tourism portfolio and launched his “Seychelles Brand of Tourism” that opened the way for Seychelles to enter the world of events with their Carnaval International de Victoria becoming Seychelles’ instant hit and now called across the world as the “Carnival of carnivals,” because it is the only carnival where the best and most know carnivals all parade together alongside cultural troupes from the Community of Nations.

The Jakarta mission is now set, and they have invited Alain St.Ange, the current Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, to deliver a keynote address at the opening of their 2012 carnival. The theme is the Seychelles proven success in their own staging of an annual carnival. This cooperation will bring new partnerships for future cooperation between two known and successful tourism destinations.

The Jakarta Carnival will also see Professor Geoffrey Lipman and Mr. Juergen Steinmetz of ICTP address the opening of this 2012 carnival, set to be elevated to world-stage level.

ICTP, the International Council for International Partners, will use the people power of carnivals, mega-events, music, and sports to promote its grassroots message of “Green Growth and Quality Destinations for better lives.”