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Bulgaria Hosts Largest-Ever Digital Nomad Event with 700+ Attendees from 40+ Countries

Bulgaria Hosts Largest-Ever Digital Nomad Event with 700+ Attendees from 40+ Countries

Bansko, a rural town nestled in the Pirin mountains, witnessed an extraordinary event last week (June 25 – July 2). Over 700 digital nomads from around the globe converged here for a memorable week-long conference and festival.
The most represented countries at Bansko Nomad Fest 2023 were:

United States 22.3%
Germany 11.2%
Bulgaria 9.6%
United Kingdom 8.8%
Israel 8.0%
Canada 4.8%
Estonia 3.6%
Japan 2.8%
Spain 2.8%
Netherlands 2.4%
Italy 2.0%
Belgium 2.0%
Serbia 2.0%
Australia 1.6%
Cyprus 1.6%
But there were also representatives of countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, China, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Albania, Greece, Croatia, and more.

Since its inception in 2016, Bansko has become a popular digital nomad hub, thanks to the efforts of Matthias Zeitler, originally from Germany, who established a thriving coworking space and community. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Bansko Nomad Fest commenced in 2020, with approximately 100 participants. The event’s remarkable success led to its continuous growth each year.

This year, Bansko Nomad Fest achieved new heights, attracting 700+ attendees, 60 speakers, and a dedicated team of 120 volunteers, committed to delivering an exceptional experience.
The event encompassed a diverse range of activities, including knowledge sharing sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and immersive experiences showcasing the region’s rich culinary delights, wines, and thrilling mountain adventures. Evening festivities added to the vibrant atmosphere, with parties that created lasting memories.


In addition to the scheduled talks on two event stages during mornings, participants took part in over 100 spontaneous unconference sessions, proposed by the attendees themselves on the first day.

The official talks covered a wide array of topics, such as AI, productivity, work-life balance, passive income, self-publishing, real estate investing, coworking, coliving, and emerging travel trends. The complete lineup of speakers can be found on the event’s website:

The unconference sessions offered interactive discussions on diverse subjects, including book writing, building local nomad communities, app development without coding, affiliate marketing, and more. Some of the unconference session had an interactive form like a Thai boxing class or a meditation workshop.

Outdoor enthusiasts delighted in activities like hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rafting, ATV trips, yoga, volleyball, and a football tournament. Cultural experiences were also abundant, with participants savoring traditional Bulgarian cuisine during delightful dinners, participating in wine-tasting tours, and exploring local attractions such as the Bear Sanctuary and Rila Monastery.

The evenings were filled with exuberant parties and enjoyable activities, including bonfires, pool parties, improv shows, speed dating, scavenger hunts, and karaoke sessions.

Moreover, Bansko Nomad Fest organized a startup pitching session in collaboration with the Founder Institute, providing startups with a platform to present their ideas to investors and business angels from Sofia. The lead investor on the Bulgarian version of Shark Tank, Pavel Ezekiev, was among the esteemed guests.

​​Bansko Nomad Fest also takes pride in its commitment to giving back to the local community by supporting two local charities, Bansko Street Dogs and the Sunflower Foundation, which aids disadvantaged individuals in the area.

The participants of Bansko Nomad Fest represent a diverse range of backgrounds, encompassing remote workers, freelancers, startup founders, online business owners, content creators, and coaches specializing in various fields, such as life and business coaching, personal training, yoga, book coaching, meditation guidance, human design coaching, and many more.

For more information and updates, please visit the Bansko Nomad Fest website: or contact: [email protected]