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Omni Hotels Overcomes Obstacles For Meeting Planners With New Group Meetings Contract

Omni Hotels today announced that starting this summer a new group meetings contract will be utilized by all 40 hotels in North America. Working with its customer advisory board, the company created a new contract that they believe to be the most fair and equitable in the industry. The contract was developed in response to requests for a contract that is consistent across a given brand, easy to understand and possesses fair and reasonable remedies when cancellations or attrition occur.
“Omni Hotels new meetings contract is truly revolutionary,” said Tom Chevins, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We believe this contract tackles some of the biggest obstacles meeting planners face when negotiating arrangements for hotel space and makes doing business with Omni Hotels even easier.”
According to Chevins, the contract offers consistency across the brand for meeting planners who work with many Omni Hotel locations. Omni Hotels unique owned and managed business model enables the organization to be more innovative when looking for ways to improve the overall value and service they provide their customers.
As part of the new contract, customers who may need to cancel their meeting receive rebooking credit that they are able to use at any Omni Hotel, and any attrition fees are based on profit margins rather than total revenue. During trial use at select hotels, the company found that customers were also able to navigate and approve the new meetings contract quicker.
In addition to the new contract, customers are now also able to take advantage of national approved credit. When customers are approved at one Omni Hotel location, they will be pre-approved at all locations. The national credit policy will eliminate the need for customers to repeatedly endure the credit application process.
Billing at Omni Hotels has also become more “customer-focused” by allowing meeting planners and guests to receive their bill in a customized, sortable format through Microsoft Excel. Customers can sort their bill by date, person or description to make it easier to categorize and review charges after their meeting or function.
Omni Hotels, based near Dallas in Irving, Texas, offers luxury accommodations at 40 hotels and resorts located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Each property in the portfolio provides guests with exceptional, personalized service and exquisite decor, creating a distinct experience at each location. Omni Hotels offers unsurpassed meeting facilities with a wide range of services and amenities including high-speed Internet connectivity, gourmet dining and state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Through an aggressive expansion strategy, Omni Hotels is steadily entering new markets across North America. Guests can locate hotels, book accommodations or find out more by calling 1-800-THE-OMNI or accessing the Web site at