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Amadeus Delivers New Reservation Tool for Agents


has launched Amadeus Vista 2.0, an
advanced, browser-based front office reservations tool, which offers travel
agents the option of using an enhanced cryptic environment or a fully
graphical interface through which they can access Amadeus` entire travel

Enabling agents to dramatically speed up the booking process via `Speedmode`
point and click technology, experienced GDS cryptic users work faster with a
greater degree of flexibility.  Amadeus Vista allows agents to book flights,
cruise, ferry, hotels, and car in a single, easy-to-use booking tool that
builds on the proven success of Amadeus Pro Tempo while providing a host of
additional benefits. 

Commenting on his agency`s involvement in the pilot programme, Alan Chapman,
Director of ABC Executive Travel, said “We have been using Amadeus Vista
since last year and switched over to the latest version three months ago.
The new version offers us significant advantages over the old system
especially the point and click functionality for cryptic users on the
command screen option.  Now that this function has been incorporated we
have the best of both worlds.  If our staff are unfamiliar with an entry,
they can switch to the graphical pages - however since our staff are
experienced GDS users, they have the option to continue using the enhanced
cryptic mode.

Unlike Amadeus, some developers forget about the needs of experienced travel
professionals - who often prefer using the cryptic mode.  The improved
Vista Command Page - with its split screens, recordable entry library and
Speedmode - is just the productivity tool the industry has been waiting


Primary benefits of Amadeus Vista include:

- Increased productivity

- Reduced costs

- Improved customer service
“Enhancing productivity - while maintaining a high level of customer
service - is key to surviving and thriving in today`s tough travel market.
The latest version of Amadeus Vista helps our customers reinforce their
customer relationships by being able to focus on the needs of their clients,
rather than the booking process, making Vista the solution for virtually any
travel agency,” said Arnaud Debuchy, Managing Director of Amadeus UK.

Amadeus Vista is currently available in 14 countries in eight languages
including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, traditional Chinese,
French, German and Italian.

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