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Wi-Band Networks nnounces New Wi-Fi Service For Travel Industry

Wi-Band Networks

, LLC today announced the formal market introduction of its wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) high-speed Internet access service for the hospitality industry.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Wi-Band`s system allows hotels, resorts, convention centers and others in the travel industry to provide wireless Internet access for guests at their facilities.
“Because it`s 100 percent wireless, guests readily see the advantage of our service,” said William Mobley, founder of Wi-Band Networks. “While other companies provide hotels with Wi-Fi systems that offer wireless access in common areas such as the lobby, Internet access in the guest rooms is still tied to a cable connection. With a Wi-Band system, the cable is gone for good. Guests with laptops and PDAs can move freely about their hotel room.”

Another advantage Wi-Band has over the competition is price. “Other companies charge hotel clients two and a half to three times more than we do,” noted Mobley. “They require a large payment upfront, whereas we require low or no advance payment. In addition, Wi-Band provides bandwidth plus equipment leasing, monitoring and service for approximately 25% less than other companies charge for bandwidth alone. The savings are huge. Furthermore, our program lets hotels own the equipment outright and take full control of the revenues,” added Mobley.

Wi-Band takes the lead in customer convenience as well. Whereas the Wi-Fi systems offered by competitors require hotel guests to have their own equipment to access the Internet, the Wi-Band system allows hotels to provide guests with a simple slide-in card or USB plug-in that makes their laptop wireless ready. “With Wi-Band, any guest with a portable computer or PDA is a potential customer, not just those who already carry wireless compatible laptops. This is an industry first,” said Mobley.

The Wi-Band “Equipment for Profits” plan is another industry first. It allows participating hotels to purchase Wi-Fi equipment from Wi-Band using a percentage of profits generated by offering wireless Internet service to guests. Thus, hotels can get a Wi-Band system installed with little or no money down. “The impact on their bottom line is all positive, not to mention increased revenues in the restaurant, lounge and meeting areas” noted Mobley. Another money saving/time saving benefit for hotel owners is the fact that they don`t need to install wiring. Rewiring can be extremely expensive and inconvenient, especially in older buildings. “With Wi-Band, that burden is gone,” said Mobley.


Wi-Band provides a turnkey solution including system design, equipment, installation, staff training, tech support, maintenance, remote diagnostics and guest marketing materials.

Wi-Band has secured agreements with two nationally recognized companies serving the hotel market to represent its services to the sector. “This gives us an instant sales force, plus the credibility of being partnered with recognized leaders,” said Mobley.

As popular as high-speed Wi-Fi is, the Internet remains the true impetus of consumer demand. Hotel guests can go online to make reservations, confirm airline schedules, purchase event tickets, access hometown radio and newspaper Websites, get maps, check email and send digital photos. “It is certainly true that Wi-Fi is a phenomenon,” says Mobley, “but the Internet is still its heart. We simply bring a new level of convenience that consumers love. Much like what cell phones did for the telecom industry.”

Wi-Band`s system is at the forefront of compatibility. “The future calls for systems to be frontward and backward compatible. We are already there,” said Mobley. Hotels and guests are assured that Wi-Band`s system is consistent from one hotel to another. This not only makes the service ideal for major chains, it opens the door to new possibilities including joint offerings by hotels and nearby convention facilities.

“We made the conscious decision from the very beginning to launch a service that was better than what was out there. This is not another “me too” product. It`s the next level,” concluded Mobley.