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eCLIPSE Advisors Introduces LODGIC

With the prime hotel spend season - in which corporations commit nearly $140 billion to lodging - now under way, travel procurement solutions provider eCLIPSE Advisors have
announced the availability of LODGIC, a robust hotel procurement RFP and optimization tool for corporations, suppliers and travel agencies.

Capable of significant double-digit percentage savings on a company`s hotel spend - the second-largest expense item in overall travel spend - LODGIC is designed to efficiently manage the online RFP process and generate detailed supplier information for use during contract negotiations. Its comprehensive supplier database includes 40,000 hotels globally and covers more than 700 variables per property, from number of smoke detectors per room to availability of individual e-folios . The LODGIC Web site architecture complies with NBTA 2003 file format standards.

The availability of LODGIC comes at an opportune time. Most of the $140 billion spent annually by companies on hotel arrangements is committed from late August through the end of September. However, the traditional RFP process - in which information is exchanged on paper via fax - is cumbersome, time consuming and burdensome to both the hotel suppliers and the companies submitting the RFP, considering the numerous variables involved.  LODGIC electronically streamlines and expedites the entire process resulting in significant efficiencies for buyers and suppliers.

“Before LODGIC, hotel procurement was a virtually impenetrable morass of variables, suppliers and negotiations for corporations,” said Michael Boult, chief operating officer of eCLIPSE Advisors, which manages more than $700 million of corporate hotel spend annually. “LODGIC rationalizes the entire process and results in sizeable corporate cost-savings through the negotiation of optimal supplier contracts.”