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Delta Offers More Online Choice to US Small Businesses

Delta Air Lines (DAL) has introduced significant enhancements to MYOBTravel (, its one-stop travel Web site designed for U.S. small businesses. MYOBTravel, where more than 6,000 companies registered to book travel in 2001, now features simpler site navigation, expanded search and results options and greater customization for faster, more convenient travel planning.

“Delta`s commitment to serving the small business traveler means hearing what they want and delivering it,” said Scott Klinger, general manager of Small Business at Delta. “Today`s site enhancements deliver faster, more comprehensive and customized search capabilities, and a multitude of other functions, making MYOBTravel the small business person`s travel planning destination.”

Faster, more comprehensive airfare search and booking functionality combines e-Travel`s booking technology and ITA Software`s powerful airfare shopping and pricing platform. The expanded search criteria now have the ability to scan millions of flight and fare combinations to identify those that best match customer criteria.

“The new capabilities introduced on MYOBTravel demonstrate the power of e-Travel`s partnership with Delta, and our understanding of business travelers` needs,” said Scott Gutz, CEO, e-Travel.

“Our technology supports MYOBTravel`s commitment to provide the best solutions to its customers. We are pleased to have MYOBTravel and Delta Air Lines as our first airline customer,” said Jeremy Wertheimer, CEO & president, ITA Software.


Delta`s first independently branded Web product, MYOBTravel brings small business travelers the expertise of Delta Air Lines, combined with that of leading companies including Delta Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, e-Travel, Inc., a provider of online managed travel services for businesses worldwide, and ITA Software, developer of the world`s most advanced airfare pricing and travel planning system. The site`s unique features include one-stop shop for airlines, rental cars, hotels, discounts of up to 30 percent, search by preferred vendor and/or schedule, third-party booking, detailed profiles for all travelers, user-defined reports summarizing company travel, rewards for travel planners, no enrollment/transaction fees and 24-hour travel services.