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Asian CVB’s join forces

  Eight Asian visitor bureaus have united to boost the continent’s market share in the growing global business events industry by relaunching the Asian Association of Convention and Visitor Bureau’s (AACVB).The Association will implement a new agenda which will be driven by the eight convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

AACVB Chairperson, Ms Suprabha Moleeratanond of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, said, “At least eight convention and visitor bureaus will put cooperation ahead of competition and raise the level of sophistication of the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition sectors in Asia. Our aim is to increase competitiveness and drive new MICE business to our region.”

Ms Suprabha told a press gathering at IMEX in Frankfurt on Tuesday that the AACVB’s eight voting members had signed up for an aggressive new agenda that will attract intra-regional conventions, especially those that can be rotated among AACVB members.

“We aim to enhance standards in the convention industry by developing and promoting sound professional practices. We want client organizations holding events in Asia to be highly impressed by their convention experience in Asia. To achieve this, AACVB will initiate training programmes. We aim to position Asia as the world’s ideal convention destination, and increase Asia’s market share of the global convention market,” Ms Suprabha said.

The AACVB was established in 1983. The Association is now being relaunched with a new agenda which will help drive more MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) traffic to the Asian region through the establishment of a shared data bank among member CVBs.


The new strategic direction also calls for the sharing of best practices and the creation of joint branding, advertising and marketing. AACVB will also look into areas such as training programmes and accreditation to raise the region’s industry standards and professionalism.

“A successful MICE sector doesn’t just happen,” added Ms Suprabha. “Sought-after MICE destinations work hard to offer value, service, accessibility, cultural variety, safety and a highly rewarding experience for all participants. The relaunched AACVB is committed to cooperate and provide the platform that will make success a reality for the Asian MICE sector.”