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ANTOR Opens Its Membership To Airlines And Hotel

The Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives (ANTOR), announced at its Annual General Meeting this week, that it will strengthen its membership by inviting airlines and hotel chains to join in an Associate membership category.ANTOR is the collective of Tourist Boards based in the United Kingdom to promote overseas travel to the UK public, media and trade. It has in the past two years, increased its membership from 45 represented countries to 65.

In the last year, ANTOR has launched a new website which is increasingly used as a primary information tool for national media groups. Future development for the site will allow for online polls and the gathering of global statistics and trends.

ANTOR sits on a stakeholders panel for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the advisory council for the World Travel Market, whom it is working particularly closely with following a difficult year for many members.

Speaking after her re-election as Chairman, Tracey Poggio, UK Head of Marketing, Gibraltar Tourist Board, said “Working with ANTOR members has highlighted the fact that whatever a country’s size or budget, all destinations are faced at some point with similar opportunities and difficulties during the course of promoting ourselves to a potential visitor. The collective value of marketing funds spent by ANTOR members, for example in exhibiting at worldwide exhibitions, and buying media is staggering and as such the association wants to look forward to pooling its resource and knowledge, in situations where it may prove beneficial to our members. This is particularly so, given the current climate.

As an Association we are excited about the prospects for growth and the many ideas that our members are proposing for us being able to work more closely together to our mutual benefit.”