Breaking Travel News push mid-range business, the leading online hotel reservation service with more than 210,000 hotels around the world, is reacting to the global economic crisis by targeting small and medium-sized businesses.
While is noticing a reduction in overall business travel activity as a result of the global economic recession, it is benefiting as a cost-saving online agent from increased pressure to reduce travel expenditure. In recent months, small and medium-sized businesses have been increasingly willing to use cheaper online channels such as to reserve hotel rooms.
In particular, the several thousand corporate discount rates that the online agent automatically activates when a corporate customer calls up make a significant contribution to these savings. “These corporate discount rates are often up to 20% lower than the public room rate. At the moment we are receiving very many corporate rates from the hotels. Especially in times of crisis business travellers remain a welcome guest, who hotels hope will return again and again” explains Warini Munshi, Managing Director at hotel booking Ltd.

Online services such as can offer high potential savings on hotel reservations to corporate clients in particular. These relate to process costs - after all selecting and reserving a room in a suitable hotel is much quicker through the Internet. At the same time, however, the direct costs - what the company actually spends on its employees’ overnight stays - can also be reduced significantly. This is assured not only by the online room prices, which are tentatively cheaper anyway, but also by corporate discount rates that can be reserved via the corporate clients application and that provide access to an average 10% discount on the public bookable rate at more than 20% of the listed hotels.

Gabi Scharrer, who is a management-level PA at the medium-sized firm of opticians Apollo Optik confirms that saves money: “By using the application we have been able to both significantly optimise the process of booking rooms and also benefit from the cheaper room rates.”