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Ocean Sky private Jet Company Announces New Service Centre at Luton

Private jet company Ocean Sky is to create a new Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Luton Airport in a major investment which will dramatically increase its service to clients.The company, which already has FBOs at Manchester and Glasgow Prestwick, said the new facility would be a “centre of excellence” for Luton, which is the nearest airport to London for private jets.

“This is a considerable coup for us, meaning that we can offer our clients access to the most important airport for private jets in the United Kingdom,” said Kurosh Tehranchian, Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Sky.

The Luton FBO will open its doors for aircraft in April.

“As well as making us a major player in the FBO market, we also believe this is a great boost for Luton. We will be bringing our reputation for quality service to the airport and we believe that this will raise the standards of other operators.”

Ocean Sky has secured a prime slot for its Luton FBO by taking over a site formerly occupied by Harrods Aviation. “We have been very fortunate to have been given such an exceptional site on the apron,” commented Mr Tehranchian


In addition to a large parking area, the FBO will have a luxury lounge for clients in a major overhauling of the former Harrods facilities. Ocean Sky will also offer an aircraft servicing facility, which will mean at least five new engineering jobs being created.

The move to open a third FBO by Ocean Sky is the start of an expansion plan which is due to see a string of new FBOs opened by the company across Europe during the next 18 months. “We believe the current economic climate is an opportunity as much as it is a challenge,” said Mr Tehranchian. “There are great opportunities out there for well-funded companies like ours to target distressed assets and make acquisitions at good prices.”

The company has also announced that Steve Grimes, the former head of Harrods Aviation for 10 years, has been promoted to Chief Executive of Jet Centres. He will have overall responsibility for all three FBOs. Kerry Besgrove, who also worked until recently for Harrods Aviation, will be Managing Director of Jet Centres.

Steve Grimes said the Luton FBO represents a highly significant stage in the growth of Ocean Sky. “This is exciting for us and a really important development, one that will consolidate Ocean Sky’s position in the market by giving us a crucial access to London through its most important private jet airport. Nobody else is undertaking this kind of expansion at the moment.”